Accountability and financial integrity

How the Funds are Used

Accountability and financial integrity are vital concepts at Liberty HealthShare. All that we do at Liberty HealthShare is done in a spirit of public trust. That trust is precious to us and there are numerous ways in which we practice that creed.

And it goes both ways. We insure that our members fulfill their obligations of truthfulness and honesty to each other as well.

It begins by members pledging to abide by a Statement of Beliefs and truthfully disclosing information about themselves when they join or turn in expenses to be shared. We use state-of-the-art technology to verify medical information and make certain that funds contributed to members for medical expenses are used only to pay those expenses.

We track all monthly assignments and verify that members send their Monthly Share Amounts.

The Board of Directors is the final authority who oversees the administrative staff and operations of the organization. A strict conflict of interest policy is adhered to by the Board so that independent, non-compensated Board members make the decisions.

Most importantly, with the exception of a small administrative fee, you don't send your money each month to Liberty HealthShare. Money designated by members for cost sharing is never pooled, managed or invested by Liberty HealthShare. Money is sent directly to another member in need by a patented electronic system.

It is hard to misuse or misappropriate funds we never receive! We assign your Monthly Share Amount to be sent directly to another member who has medical expenses, and track that exchange to be certain it is received. And that member has oversight and accountability through Liberty HealthShare to make certain those funds are used only to pay medical expenses.

You can rest assured that every possible safeguard is in place to assure integrity of funds!

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