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What about Pre-existing conditions?

A pre-existing condition is any condition at the time of enrollment that has evidenced symptoms, or received treatment or medication in the past 24 months. We share in pre-existing conditions according to the following schedule:

  • First year of membership Not eligible for sharing
  • Second year of membership Up to $25,000
  • Third year of membership Up to $50,000
  • Fourth year and following of continuous membership, the condition is no longer considered pre-existing


How to talk to your provider?

  • Say  I belong to a HealthShare that is recognized underneath the ACA(Obama care) as a legal form of Health Care. My Health Share card tells you how to submit bills and how you are getting paid just like regular ins. You can call the number on my ID card.
  • You can also have Provider Relations call the billing dept.. for you ahead of time. Call 855.585.4237 Option 2, Option #4 and ask to speak to Provider relations.
  • OR Email providerrelations@libertyhealthshare.org and ask them to call the provider on your behalf.

What if they say no?

  • Tell them to bill you, then you will submit the bill to the your HealthShare. Email address is direct@libertyhealthshare.org

What if they still say no?

  • Pay the bill and submit it right away to the HealthShare.  Email address is direct@libertyhealthshare.org

When I join, am I obligated for a period of time or can I drop out at any time?

You can drop at any time. But, when you join, you pay your first annual dues of $135. Your Sharing Membership then lasts for one year. If you drop out within 30 days, and have not submitted any bills then your dues are refunded along with our 1st month membership fee. If you drop your membership from 30 to 60 days of starting you will be refunded only your monthly contribution if you have not submitted any bills but not your membership dues..

What guarantees do I have that my money will be used as it should?

Accountability and financial integrity are vital concepts at the HealthShare. All that we do here is done in a spirit of public trust. That trust is precious to us and there are numerous ways in which we practice that creed.

  • We track all monthly assignments and verify that giving members send their Monthly Share Amounts.
  • Receiving members have oversight, accountability and accounting controls through the HealthShare to make certain those funds are used only to pay medical expenses.
  • Monies received for administration undergo strict scrutiny and annual audit. The Board of Directors is the final authority. They oversee the administrative staff and operations of the organization. A strict conflict of interest policy is adhered to by the Board so that independent, non-compensated Board members make the decisions.
  • Most importantly, with the exception of the small administrative fee, you don't send your money each month to the HealthShare. Money designated by members for cost sharing is never pooled, managed or invested by the HealthShare. Your money stays in your account until needed by another member, this is all done electronically of course. It's hard to misuse or misappropriate funds we never receive!

You can rest assured that every possible safeguard is in place to assure integrity of funds!

What if I'm unable to make the monthly contribution, or I'm late?

Members are asked to send their Monthly Share Amount by the 5th day of the month. If the full Monthly Share Amount is not received by the end of the month, the Sharing Membership becomes inactive. If your Sharing Membership is inactive for less than 60 days, you can reactivate. Simply contribute a Monthly Share Amount for each month that your membership was inactive! But remember, medical expenses that occur when your membership is inactive are not eligible for health sharing. For more information, see Guidelines III. G: Notify When Withdrawing Membership

What do I say to my doctor or at the hospital when I need medical care?

Simply explain to any doctor or hospital that you are self pay, but you are part of a community of people who have pledged to share your expenses called "Liberty HealthShare". Show them your membership card and explain that your bills should be sent either electronically or by mail as directed on your Membership card. Explain that reimbursement will come from the funds you receive from the group in about 30 days.


Is there a health screening required for membership approval?

Members highly value the spiritual principle that our bodies are gifts from God and we must respect and care for our physical bodies. Further, we have an ethical obligation to our fellow members to live healthy as this keeps medical costs down. As a community of people we try our best to live out Jesus Christ's mandates. In general, a healthy lifestyle requirement includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Abstain from tobacco use in any form.
  • Follow biblical teachings on the use or abuse of alcohol.
  • Avoid abuse of prescription drugs, which means consuming prescription medications in a manner not intended by the prescriber that would likely result in bodily harm or dependency.
  • Abstain from the use of illegal drugs. Illegal drugs includes, but is not limited to, any hallucinogenic substance, barbiturates, amphetamines, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, illegal intravenous drugs, or narcotics.
  • Exercise regularly and eat healthy foods that do not harm the body.
  • Some individuals may not qualify due to past or present medical conditions, or may be accepted under the terms of a Provisional Membership.
  • Provisional Memberships are for those who may present a current condition, but that condition would improve under a health and wellness plan. If a Provisional Membership is accepted, an increased share amount may be required, plus voluntary cooperation with a wellness program.
  • If a condition is accepted as pre-existing, that member will be accepted with that limitation (see question about Pre-Existing Conditions).
  • All decisions for membership approval are made in consultation with the prospective member and with the most complete information available.

Do I have a deductible or co-pay?

The HealthShare does not have deductibles or co-pays since we are a medical cost sharing ministry. However, with each medical expense you submit for sharing, there is an annual first dollar amount that members have agreed to not share together. We call it our Annual Unshared Amount. The Annual Unshared Amount accumulates throughout your membership year, and is $500 for a single, $1000 for a couple, and $1500 for a family.

When your eligible medical expenses exceed the Annual Unshared Amount during the year, then sharing commences. If you are enrolled in Envision Medical Solutions, your expenses are shared at 100% up to your program’s limit. If you have chosen not to enroll in EMS, then your bills are shared at 70% up to your program’s limit.

What if I have medical bills that are not eligible and I don't agree with the decision?

  • STEP ONE: Make a call. There can always be differences of opinion. Most disputes can be resolved with a simple phone call. If you disagree with a decision, always call and one of our helpful advisors will exhaust every possibility.
  • STEP TWO: Follow the "DISPUTE RESOLUTION AND APPEAL" process outlined in the Guidelines(see VI. A-D.)
  • STEP THREE: Regardless of who wins or loses, remember who and what we are. The HealthShare is a voluntary association of like-minded people who come together to assist each other by sharing medical expenses. Such a sharing and caring association does not lend itself well to the mentality of legally enforceable rights.

Can I participate in a HealthShare and also have medical insurance?

Of course. In fact many participants have insurance through work or another source. They participate with us for the sheer excitement of helping others. They never expect to submit bills. And in those cases where money is still owed after insurance makes its payments, The HealthShare will share the balance!

What are the minimum and maximum amounts of medical bills I can submit to be shared?

MINIMUM: Once the annual unshared amount has been met, there is no minimum sharing amount.

MAXIMUM: $125,000 per incident And if you participate in our program for sharing catastrophic expenses called "GUARDIANS GROUP", the maximum shared per incident increases:

GUARDIANS GROUP MAXIMUM: $1,000,000 per incident

What do I do if my bills are over $125,000 and I'm not a part of the catastrophic program (GUARDIANS GROUP)?

Unfortunately, there is no recourse for expenses that exceed the sharing limit of $125,000 when the member is not a part of GUARDIANS GROUP. In today's high cost medical environment, it's prudent to take caution. Enroll in GUARDIANS GROUP today and don't let this happen to you!

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